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more glitter you say?

i know your probably like, enough with the glitter but being that i am such a girl,lol, i had too…so Linda from (if you havent checked her blog, you should,  its dope) found this pic from tumbler. it’s called “open face glitter nails” and im in love. the original pic is on the left, my recreation is on the right. i decided to go with a more nude/ taupe-ish color rather than a pink based color, went with a more square shape for the nail, since they are short and held off on the rhinestones.

Soo Nails #s09, Soo Nails, #s101 [clear] Hurricane Nail Polish w/thin brush -Gold


“if this was philly, they would say IM IN MY BAG”

i just really need these Cambridge Satchel Co. bags[] in my life for christmas…i keep trying to come up with reasons to tell my hubby why its such a dire situation, these bags…still have yet to come up with any *sigh*

what say you?













Adventures in Mommyland: I Love My Hair

since becoming a first time mommy almost 5 months ago, more and more lately i always wonder what kind of positive black female images will my daughter have? growing up, the images i had were the ones created for me by my mom, so you already know im going to do the same. but, too often ive come across little girls who are unhappy with their hair, their skin color and they way they look. i once met a little girl who was no more than 2 and her mother had already not only put relaxer in her hair but braid extensions! i always wished that i could have whisked this little girl away to a magical place, even if it was just for an hour, where all of our shades of brown , curled hair and full lips and hips are not objectified or hyper sexualized but appreciated, thought as beautiful and genuinely loved but we must create these magical places ourselves, in our own minds.

i remember watching this video before i became a mommy and i loved it (one because ive been natural for almost 6 years and two its SESAME STREET duh!), now that i am able to watch this video with my lil cuppycake (who gave such a big smile watching it) i love and appreciate it even more….


(ps. you can find the I Love My Hair t-shirts at i think i want the yellow one)

is that Solange singing?

glitter, glitter, glitter*

ok, so anyone who really knows me will know that my favorite nailpolish in the universe is O.P.I’s Mad As A Hatter. it came out sometime in 2009 (right?) and is such a gorg polish.

sadly, (you know who you are) ruined the one bottle i had by filling it with nailpolish remover, R.I.P. and since then I have been on the hunt for this damn polish. lol. i have found it online on amazon and ebay for anywhere between 25 to 40 dollars….which is just plain crazy

but! don’t be sad for me, because*drum roll please* LUCKILY, my bestie in the whole wide world bought me not only 1 but 2 bottles of glitter polish, which come as close dupes. and they are Sephora by O.P.I Spark-tacular and Milani 530 Gems from the Jewel FX line. just by looking at the bottle i can already tell the 530 Gems will probably be a better dupe than Spark- tacular, being that it is less transparent.

im not quite sure what nail look im going to do with these, but ill come up with something soon…till then

what say you?

O.P.I.,Milani and my DESTROYED bottle of Mad As A Hatter 😦

Beauty On Coins*

Time to reinvent and upgrade that makeup bag with our LuxeLush* picks that will keep you looking hot as the weathers cools down (and you wont break the bank!)

1. NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk: This easy- to- use eye pencil can be used as a base to take any colorful look to the next level.  Apply underneath any shadow of your choice to get ultra-glam and high color “look at me” lids. $4.19,

2. Sephora Cosmetics Colorful Mono Eye Shadow: High pigment and with over 80 colors to choose from, Sephora now offers a new collection of eye shadows that are brilliant in color, easy to blend and available in matte, metallic shimmer and glittering finishes. LuxeLush* pick: It- Blue 72 (Matte Indigo Blue), $12,

3. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar: Be the girl on your block with kissable lips with OCC Lip Tar, a high pigment lipgloss that combines the shine of a gloss with the lasting power of a lipstick ranging in colors from nudes, pinks and even blue. Our favorites: Grandma (Classic Coral), Memento(Coquettish Pink/Plum), Anime (Neon Pink), $12.50,

4. Keep that mani fresh without taking weekly trips to the nail salon. Remove old nail color, file nails, apply cuticle oil and a fresh new coat of nail color and voila, your nails are ready to go.  LuxeLush* pick: Jesses Girl PerfectCoat Nail Polish in Midori, $2.99,

just because i LOVE going to recreate this look later on this week, stay tuned

Lotus Flower Bomb*

Love this song, makes me almost [ALMOST] want to check his album…thank you Wale for not doing a repeat of the “Pretty Girls” video*side eye*

Holiday Wish* [because every1 should see your purple tracks]

my wish for the 2011 holiday season is:

THE DEATH OF THE LACE FRONT. PLEASE. enough is enough,just get a regular sew-in like the rest of the normal human being race/ the world would be a much better place.

what say you for your holiday wish?

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