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Book Club Fight Club

Oprah is an OG!

“no you didnt!”


the flyness that is Erykah Badu

you cant tell me this woman isnt fly. i love her




“…I see myself sitting here in the same chair, but with a lot less on my mind — a lot less on my mind. To me, evolution is elimination. I hope to have eliminated more and more…”- Erykah Badu Oyster Mag #97


Throwback Friday!: Vanity 6

this song has a special place in my heart. it was always played BLASTED almost everytime my girls and i got ready to go out on the weekends in college. lol. still have yet to do karokee of this. one day, one can dream lol

Typical Woman Shit?…The Rhianna Files

its late and i just read a disturbing comment thread on facebook. it in
reference to the new rumors of Rhianna and Chris Brown getting back together. the comment was as follows: “typical woman,gets a beating and runs back.hopefully it happens again so people won’t feel bad for her”
and my face was as follows: “…” (the comment also went on to call her a “Crack Whore”)
what do you even say to that?
while i am not God so i will not pass judgement on Rhiannas relationship status and i really could care less about the rumors or Rhianna for that matter. i will say something needs to be said (and done) about the way women who are victims of domestic abuse are viewed and treated in society, specifically BLACK women. though i am not a victim of domestic violence,i know plenty of women (and teenage girls) who either witnessed it growing up or sadly,were abused themselves.
here’s the thing about the comment that urked the hell outta me so bad,i had to stop watching Wendy to write. for 1 this comment was made by a MAN. 2, no woman deserves to be abused, beat or degraded. and 3, NO ONE should ever wish for someone to be abused,EVER. no matter how many times she may run back or make ill decisions. 4. this is not some TYPICAL WOMAN shit, that is pulling away truth at how horrible the issue of domestic violence,especially in the Black community is. this is ABUSED WOMAN shit, some BLACK GIRL PAIN shit.
what many people fail to realize (and maybe even Rhianna herself) is that, abusive relationships are often part of a cycle, a family trait if you will. Rhianna has said in previous interviews her household growing up was
less than Cosby,while Chris Brown openly stated he witnessed his mother
getting abused. they have witnessed it and lived it themselves. so what do
we have here? two young adults who possibly never learned what a
healthy good loving relationship is,and who may never learn.

so instead of passing judgement and sending negative wishes to women who are suffering with domestic abuse and may not have the strength, support system or courage to pull themselves out of it, how about you instead be kind and send them positive energy.

*rant over, off to bed i go*

“I couldn’t stand being sorry aand colored at the same time. Its all so redundant in the modern world”- For Colored Girls

ProNails: Julep Vernis Review

im very late with this post, over 2 weeks late but that’s okay. a few weeks ago i received a black box in the mail from my LS Kelly (she is also a blogger, you should check out her blog Masque Magazine, very dope) and inside were goodies all for me.

if you don’t know what a beauty box is, or have been living under a rock…a beauty box is basically a box filled with stuff [usually makeup samples, hair and nail products and sometimes food(?)] for a monthly price you can have your very own box of beauty goodies sent right to your door.

Julep, allows their “Mavens” (or rather their paying subscribers, 19.99/month) access to the newest nail color and nail care trends before anyone else. inside my black box, contained 2 very pretty polishes, much-needed cuticle oil and a chocolate shaped into a man (?).  much to my surprise the polish colors were my sorority colors!yayyy royal blue and gold!

Oscar, is a beautiful gold glitter polish. goes on very smooth and not chunky. you also do not have to pack the polish onto your nail to get glitter on it like some other glitter polishes. Marisa, is a “dark rich cobalt blue shimmer”. although i do not normally wear dark colors on my nails, i loved this blue. very pretty and when the light hits the color at the right angle it gives a super fine shimmer effect. very chic. oh the cuticle oil, saved my life. it is everything to me right now. i have a very bad habit of picking at my cuticle when i am stressed, bored or thinking too hard and it leaves my fingers looking fugly. but now my hands look less like “who did it and ran?” and more like “ooo gurl who did yo nails?” lol

what say you?

would you spend money on monthly beauty boxes? are they really worth it?


King Of Hearts

oh Cassie, remember when you used to model for Delia*s?..yeah well, that was way more memorable than your singing “career”

and please, oh please take the electrical tape off your chest, i think your breasts are dying

Throwback Friday: Whitney Houston

they call her “The Voice”. her passing maybe one of musics greatest losses. her tone, range, tamber, her voice was everything. she actually made me want to be a singer when i was about 6, that’s when i learned i could sing, by singing her songs on the playground at school. this has to be my favorite Whitney Houston song ever…well no i lie, i have a couple favs from her but this is in the top 3. and it has my girl Faith and Kelly Price too(hey SoRhor!)

Whitney, may you finally rest in peace ❤