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Just because Kreayshawn does it…

DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD DO IT TOO! has anyone heard of this artist? NEON HITCH?…her covers also include the likes of Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa…

*sigh*..i just cant


your seat is right this way mam… \_



Throwback Friday!: Amil

AMIL! where are you?

  clearly this was during the era when Ms.Tina made the i do love what Amil is wearing throught this video though

well looky looky its tamar!!  i love late 90s videos

take you home

oh hi…hello..yes, i would like for you to come home with me…Ash Bowie Suede Wedge Sneakers

Powerful Images

train em up


in case you have been under a rock for the past month, Trayvon Martin is the young 17-year-old BLACK MALE who was killed last month while walking through a gated community in Sanford, Florida visiting with his father and friends. the community “watchman”  GEORGE ZIMMERMAN took it upon himself to not only call the local police department to inform them of “suspicious activity” (meaning “there is a BLACK MALE walking through my neighborhood minding his own damn business and I am scared”), when told by the police to stop following the young man, this pseudo wanna-be TERRORIST(because terrorists don’t always exist overseas they are right here in this country, wearing invisible white hoods over their faces), Zimmerman chased down the young man, attacked him and MURDERED HIM. SHOT HIM. DEAD. Citing self-defense which is beyond comprehension to me, being that Zimmerman was the only one carrying a loaded weapon while Trayvon had a PACK OF SKITTLES AND AN ICE TEA, Zimmerman has yet to be arrested and charged.

while I am outraged and deeply hurt not just as BLACK woman but more so as a mother. although i have a daughter, Trayvon could have been my future son, my brother, my best friend, my uncle, my cousin, my neighbor and so on and so forth. im urging everyone reading this, please take action, sign the petition at , write to your local politicians, shit even Mr.Obama himself,do everything in your power to educate yourself and those around you because this is the REAL TERRORIST THREAT that exists. our children are dying, our future as a people…we are dying, wake up. this isn’t just a moment to jump on a bandwagon and put on a hoodie and in 3 months time forget about it, this is a moment that can last and will last forever to spark some serious change.

my niggas turn into GODS and watch the walls come tumbling down

Throwback Friday!: Jimmy Cozier

yeah, remember him? whatever happened to mr.cozier?

anyway, sometimes i wonder if this is my hubbys song for me? lol