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Throwback Friday!: Diplomats

i think i played this song almost every morning getting ready for class & practice during my first semester at Temple,lol. memories! i cant find the video for the life of me though : (


oh yes,and this one was my whole summer 2004.  “why you always trippin like dat man” jim=

rsn: i def had one of those fishnet shirts too..and the yellow halter smh. dont judge i was 18 lol


Fressh* Pick Of The Week: Honey Cocaine

so while i waited for the  E train the other day (which never came because it was stuck in a tunnel somewhere, thank you MTA) i flipped through i believe it was Hip Hop Weekly(???) and came across an article about Tyga and his “artist” getting shot. my first reaction was “who the hell really pays to go see Tyga” and my second reaction was “why is this girl getting shot in the arm?!!?” i know its wrong but i laughed when i read the article and then i looked her up. her name is Honey Cocaine, she has braces and is dope. although she is affiliated with Young Money, she can actually spit. and that is why she is the Fresh Pick Of The Week.

#2: she is hella funny “go get me the hanger! get me the chopstick!” LMAO “aye whens the last time you went to the library?…why de fuck did i get you a library card?”

#3: she isnt a Nikki clone. i.e.: no cotten candy colored wigs or fake butts and boobies *side eye to Iggy*


Momma Loves Baby

my little cuppycake munchkin is 9 months old today!!!! when i was pregnant and everyone kept telling me how the time would fly by, i thought they were exaggerating but…it really does go by so fast. i cant believe she is already 9 months, just 9 months ago she was in my belly, and 9 months before that she was just a tiny tiny tiny little seed and now she growing right before my eyes, getting more and more beautiful as the days go by. i am so blessed to have her, and i am so proud to be a mother. i love her

Father Can You Hear Me

i dont really listen to Gospel music (maybe Mary Mary and that’s about it) but this song for some reason is my FAVORITE Gospel song of all time. I heard this song at a difficult period in my life during my last summer spent in Philadelphia for college.

He is always listening.


Throwback Friday!: Dream

the original Danity Kane



You Should Know…Dominique Auxilly of

i seem to come across really cool things online, whether its videos, random information or new labels. i completely forgot about this designer Dominique Auxilly, which i found a few months back. celebs such as Trina, Nikki Garbage, Kelly Rowland and a few others have worn her designs and if you take a look at her collections, you can definitely see why.

ultra sexy, feminine and edgy. definitely not for the faint at heart as some of her designs feature cut outs, mesh, sheer panels and risky layouts.

her designs are DOPE.COM annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she completes orders not only based off your size but height as well….annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she designs for sizes 0 to 20! annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd she has a BRIDAL COLLECTION!

thank you so much. you are giving me life.

i am definitely getting the Lady Like dress for my birthday in August!

The Lady Like Dress

what say you? would you rock this label?