Monthly Archives: June 2012

40 days & 40 eyes

i found this on fb! im going to challenge myself to this for the upcoming month of July..minus maybe look #s 14,26,28 and 34…not so much for non-profit social work,lol

what say you? will you guys be trying any new looks for the summer?



Throwback Friday!: Faith Evans

one of the most under-rated singers to ever do it. i love this woman..and so apropos,(apropos such a funny word, i wonder if i spelled it correctly, my mother always says it lmao) because its hot as hell in NYC today…

Chanel Cupcakes

oh my word!

And another one*








im in that type of mood, tho the version with Andre 3000 is 3000x times better

Kitty Kat*




Throwback Friday!: DMX

 went to the hair store today on my lunch break and found hair sticks! i didn’t even know people still buy i remember when this video came out and i ran to the beauty supply store by my house and bought a pair of clear hair sticks. couldn’t quite convince my mom to get me the shorts shorts and tube top tho lol

*idk why my pic is uploading sideways, mad annoying*

Love, Relationships & Expiration Dates

i have a friend, well a sister. she has been dating the same man for almost 5 years. naturally they are to be married,  white picket fence, 2.5 children and a dog..well cat, well probably no pets, she is not very good with animals.

she is great, she loves him. he is great, he loves her. everything is awesome!!!….right?

one night she told me she was bored. she told him that she was bored with him and their relationship… while they were having oral sex. and after i was done laughing at our conversation for about 3.5 days, it made me wonder, in love and relationships, is there ever an expiration date?

sure, we have expiration dates for milk, cheese, baby food, canned goods and even water, but is there ever a point in a relationship where you become so comfortable with your mate, comfort turns to boredom? and boredom leads to an expired relationship?

at that point do you stay and let the relationship curdle like the gallon of milk no one wants to throw away or do you sniff it, gag and quickly discard?


what say you?