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Throwback Friday!: Jennifer Lopez

back when she was “Jenny From The Block”



Pro Nails: Ombre B’day Edition

although my bday isnt officially until tomorrow, here is my nail look for my b’day week.

what you will need: nail filer, nail brush. cuticle oil, nail polish (i used Nikki K Nail Enamel in Pastel Color: Orange and MAC Nail Lacquer in Steamy, but you can use whatever color combination(s) you like), a sponge(any sponge will do, even a makeup sponge)

what to do:

1. give your self a quick manicure, its always good to start with fresh, clean and buffed nails

2. paint your base coat and primary color, let dry

3. brush your accent or Ombre color onto your sponge applicator, very gently tap the color onto your nail fading as you get closer to your cuticle

4. smile, enjoy ❤

Typical Hip Hop

dope. if you dont know about, go visit!

“sagging of the pants isnt hip hop culture, its slave mentality”

powerful commentary (minus 3:38 to 4:10, young sir, you HAVE NO BARS)

Throwback Friday!: Aaliyah ” means; the highest, most exalted one, the best.

Aaliyah. Queen. You played such a big part in my childhood and teen years. You were everyone’s cool big sister and “best friend in my head” (before that term even existed). Effortlessly beautiful, talented and such a  compassionate, kind and  warm woman. Sadly, my birthdays will always be partly associated with your passing. I miss you so much, and I often wonder what music would be like if you were here.

Please tell my grandfather I said hi for me.

Summer Love

I am awkward

ABG is back! well its been back, i am late but so what. issa you r dope.

Temple Spring 2010

this was my whole last semester lol