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Throwback Friday!: MC Hammer

MC Hammer ... taking on You Tubeplease dont ask why ive been singing this song for the past 2 weeks..and dont judge me either lolol…


1979 Barbie


so pretty!


Well. More like reverse robin egg speckles.

I was a bit exasperated with my nails over the weekend. I had painted them with Orly Pink Whisper which is more of a pearly white than a pink. It was all streaky and just not working for me at all! I tossed up whether to take it all off and start again or just to stamp over it. I opted for the latter and ended up with this.

Robin egg speckles

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I can barely notice the ugly streaky finish. I used three different shades of blue. China Glaze For Audrey, China Glaze Flyin’ High and Kit Up Beat. Here is the obligatory claw shot.

Robin egg speckles

It catches the light and the blue is always a different shade each time I look at it. I’m a fan of the more subtle stamps. I’ll be trying more of…

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Givenchy x H&M

i really  hope this rumor turns out to be true

Clothing Staples by Style DeLa Creme

great post by Style DeLa Creme!

“Wardrobe staples are the building blocks to having style that’s practical and versatile. These are the items that are the basic must-haves, no matter what your style, or what’s trending – the wardrobe staples are your go to pieces which also serve as outfit multipliers. Most important quality is key.

Classic doesn’t mean basic. There are trends that emerge in fashion that I’ve decided will be a staple in my wardrobe (think peplum, polka dot, leopard print) simply because they provide mileage across an array of looks. A basic rule to follow: Don’t follow trends, make your own: what looks good on you is always in trend. So go ahead and keep that great pair of harem pants – paired with the right classics it can still have a fresh look long after the trend has worn down.

Purge & Organize

Building great looks can be challenging if you suffer from closet clutter. All pieces should be visible and readily accessible. To reduce clutter, Sort your clothes and accessories in 3 categories: Covetables, Unfit (clothes you never wear or simply don’t fit) and then everything else. Organize the covetables by color or style. Have a plan for the Unfit items: Either donation, selling online or consider swapping goods with friends.

Organize your closet by tops, pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. Then sort them by color. Face clothes in the same direction for an orderly look. Keep shoes in one place, tights and socks in a drawer, and belts on a hanging rack. Use attractive serving trays for necklaces, brooches, sunglasses, watches and other baubles. If possible store them on shelves so you can pull them out easily.


Amongst your covetables, should be the basic staples – a well tailored blazer, LBD, Crisp White Button Down Shirt, well fitting Black trousers, Pencil skirts, trench coat, dark wash denim, white v-neck t-shirt, chambray shirt. Having multiples of each staple in different colors lends for having great style an. Instead of buying a standard black blazer, opt for a peplum blazer which suits just about about look good and turn this trend into your closet staple.

Every covetable should coordinate with at least 2 or 3 other items in your closet. The point is to get mileage out of your garments. This season’s purchases should sync with what you already own. New additions should help to transform and create more looks: Opt for prints if you have tons of solids; gravitate to textures if your items are more matte. Add stripe button down shirts and cardigans are a must.

Shopping List

Your most expensive splurges the upcoming season should be the items that will provide the most mileage – coat, boots, trousers, jeans. Try to invest in the best quality items. If you don’t love the dress while you’re in the store, leave it. Your feelings about it won’t change once you get home. Be wary of department store final markdowns or online sample sales – they create a sense of urgency to spend and then buyers remorse sets in. In some cases, deep discounts can mean final sale or a short return policy period. So buyer beware!

Even if your purchase is a steal, it should still be super versatile. If you see an item for $50 on sale and seems like a steal, think about how much wear you will get out of it. If you wear that item twice – then you wouldn’t have gotten your money’s worth. If you spent $250 on great quality staple item and you wore it all season long, then it was a greater investment. The idea is to buy items that will provide mileage all season long.”

Princess Cake

so pretty


love this look