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“i dont know what kinda cherry this is..but isnt it cute?”

ROFL. I AM IN TEARS. i dont know what video is funnier..this one or the girl that burned her hair off…


“drivin so slow but BK is from Texas”


flower bomb

found via

i think this is absolutely beautiful. its seems easy to make too! im assuming you can use a foam ball and pin flowers to the ball and place on top of a candle holder. in this picture, it looks like carnations were used, which is one of the most¬†inexpensive¬†flowers to get your hands on. i really like this, alot. i would even take it a step further and suspend the balls from a ceiling or atop my dessert table, especially if instead of carnations, i used babys breath! suspending the babys breath balls might make it look like fluffy clouds…hmm now my brain is ticking! lol


Gucci Fall 2013

gucci this. gucci that. gucci everythang


Happy Birthday Queen Badu

love you. always




Etro Fall 2013

yes to all of this