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like two ships passing in the night


Throwback Friday!: Texas Trill III

Houston, Texas babay!

side note: this comment was found on one of Paul Walls video, it made my whole week:

thachiefrocka 1 hour ago

Paul wall is the grown up Bobby Hill

on the sun

where was i when this was released???!???


the cuteness

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Wedding Cakes X Bridal Expo

i completely forgot i had some pics from the bridal expo i attended a few weeks ago… wasn’t the best bridal show i attended, but it was still fun…i think i was too busy running around getting business cards and pricing information…my mom was def more excited than i was, lol


white caketux cakeblue ish cake


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how cute it the “I Love You Too” backdrop??? i wonder if i could pull off making that.



besties X bunny ears