Monthly Archives: July 2013

we love to party



change clothes

my big cousin in my head, love her makeup & nails





things i currently love

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pink Cutout Wedge Sneaker

Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers

Reebok Women’s Freestyle Hi Wedge Sneaker (Alicia Keys Collection)

Gucci Neon Green Leather High Top Sneaker




Super Cute!

back from under a rock called LIFE

i feel like i haven’t wrote on here in YEARS!!…they even changed the website! LOL.


past few weeks..months have been hectic and kind of crazy….im applying for grad school, dealing with a broken foot that was run over by a crazy woman in an over-sized wheel chair,my birthday is coming soon  IM ALMOST 30 ( i am happy to be out of my early 20’s tho) planning a wedding, my daughters turning two soon, planning her party, dealing with not so bright/intelligent people at work, trying to not stuff my face all the time and loose weight (that in its self makes me want to stick my head in sand) and just existing…


all in all its alot, but im back