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born&raised in new york 25 virgo college grad mom future wife pretty poodle artist aspiring writer makeup/natural hair/nail care obbsessed lover of all things pink, glitter&cupcakes preparing to take over the world= My LiFe* enjoy the ride

Queen Banks

i really…really REALLY LOVE THIS WOMAN. she is such a dope, super talented and intelligent sista. and thank you for speaking you mind sis, keep reminding everyone of THE TRUTH.



four eyes

i recently began wearing glasses again. anyone who knows me, knows that i am blind (“im legally blind….BARELY”..alright i’m done lol).

being a die hard contact wearer for years i am giving my eyes some much needed rest.


today i randomly looked up “makeup looks for black women who wear glasses”  it was a shot in the dark but i was so surprised! i know, right?!?

here are two of my favorites:





girls can…

nail inspirations



so simple & pretty, i love it!.

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Watching movement beetles like….



Carry on…


She is just too cute