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MAC Lipsticks Dupes

found via, published April 18,2013 by Andrea Monique


“If you’re a lipstick junkie, I’m sure you know how fabulous M.A.C. Cosmetics lipsticks are. They smell like vanilla, glide on like butter, and stay put for hours. Sadly, most of us can’t afford to drop $15 per tube on the luxurious lippies, but luckily we found lower budget lipsticks that dupe our favorite M.A.C. shades. Keep in mind, dupes aren’t exactly the same as the original, they may differ in staying power, application or color.

1. M.A.C. Candy Yum Yum: This lipstick has a cult like following since its release into the permanent M.A.C. collection. Since the pigmentation is so bright it is difficult to duplicate exactly, but we found NYX in ‘Shocking Pink”, which is a similar standout with great pigmentation for only $6.00.

2. M.A.C. Angel: Kim Kardashian has rocked Angel as her signature pink pout for years. Try E.L.F. lipstick in “Classy” for more than half the price.

3. M.A.C. Up The Amp: Purple is a hot lip color right now and “Up The Amp” is a great shade. However, Revlon’s “Berry Haute” is a light (inexpensive) purple color that’s similar to “Up The Amp”.

4. M.A.C. Rebel: Rebel is the perfect deep berry shade for spring, But Wet-n-Wild offers a berry color in “Sugar Plum Fairy”  for only $1.99—a steal!”


Lippy Haul: BSN Vitamin E & Long Lasting Lipstick in Soft Purple 09

I really love love loveeeee this lipstick and color!! It look so pretty on my skin, its smooth, doesn’t leave my lips dry and the pigment is wonderful. its almost a cross between MACs Style Curve & Violetta..almost with just a deeper tone.the color can be built up, so varying on how many time you apply it, it can either be a pretty demure sheer color or an intense “wow” color. beautiful! and cant complain about the was $1.00…yup.

*please excuse my chipped nails*

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Beauty On Coins: Drug/Beauty S. Store Finds/Mini Haul

last week i did some light, very light makeup shopping:

– Wet N’ Wild Eye Shadow Single in Penny 255B (on sale 20% off at Rite-Aid, not sure if the sale is still going on but i do know CVS has a MAJOR MAJOR MAAAAJOR sale on Milani cosmetics, 75% off!, will definitely be on the hunt for a CVS out here in Queens)

-Nicka K Lip Pencil in Nuts A161 (i think this was about $1.99, maybe even less than that, from local beauty supply store)

– Nicka K Lipstick with vitamin E in Apricot 106, Lavender 301 and Tan 920 (99 cents each, from local beauty supply store)

– Hard Candy Meteor- eyes Baked Eyeshadow in Supernova 275 ($1.00, i actually found this product at the local flea market, but i will advise you, when buying beauty products from flea markets, always make sure the product is in its original packaging and is sealed properly. if it looks funny to you or looks like it has been opened, chances are it has so don’t buy it)

the Penny shadow, i love love loooove. i bought it as a dupe to MAC’s Paint Pot in Rubenesque. obviously not as intense as the paint pot but the penny shadow comes close.  coincidently around the same time my favorite OPI nailpolish was ruined, my paint pot went missing and ..hmmp *eye roll*

i also love the lipliner from Nicka K, it went on very smooth and lasted throughout the day. its similar to MAC’s Cork Lip Liner, not quite a close match but has more of a different undertone to it,kind of burnt sienna color to it either way another good dupe

next to NYX Cosmetics, Nicka K is becoming one of my favorite “low-end” brands. the prices are super affordable and the quality is pretty good. i mean not MakeUp Forever type quality but great for the price. if you are strapped for cash and want to build your makeup stash, definitely try Nicka K. i found the lipsticks to go on very smooth, my lips didn’t feel dry afterwards. sometimes with cheaper brands your lips will have that dry feel to it, but not with this brand. and the colors! beautiful, nicely pigmented and looks absolutely beautiful on darker skin. the Apricot 106 is an orange based lipstick but with red undertones, very nice. the Lavender 301, obviously is lavender with pink undertones, also very nice. my favorite out of the three is Tan 920, it’s just a nice nude, good if you like to wear lipstick everyday but just don’t feel like being “extra” with a bright lip. Tan 920 actually looks great with NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Tan, which is my favorite gloss at the moment for about 2 years now

okay, Supernova… wack. i was really excited, i saw it and said ooo!purple and glitter. : ( i found  that i had to really pack on the shadow to get a glittery effect, but i didn’t prime my eyes with my NYX Milk pencil, so maybe that was the reason why? *shrug* still pretty though, i may do a look with Supernova and Penny for Valentines Day

what say you? what are some of your favorite drug store finds/brands?

glitter, glitter, glitter*

ok, so anyone who really knows me will know that my favorite nailpolish in the universe is O.P.I’s Mad As A Hatter. it came out sometime in 2009 (right?) and is such a gorg polish.

sadly, (you know who you are) ruined the one bottle i had by filling it with nailpolish remover, R.I.P. and since then I have been on the hunt for this damn polish. lol. i have found it online on amazon and ebay for anywhere between 25 to 40 dollars….which is just plain crazy

but! don’t be sad for me, because*drum roll please* LUCKILY, my bestie in the whole wide world bought me not only 1 but 2 bottles of glitter polish, which come as close dupes. and they are Sephora by O.P.I Spark-tacular and Milani 530 Gems from the Jewel FX line. just by looking at the bottle i can already tell the 530 Gems will probably be a better dupe than Spark- tacular, being that it is less transparent.

im not quite sure what nail look im going to do with these, but ill come up with something soon…till then

what say you?

O.P.I.,Milani and my DESTROYED bottle of Mad As A Hatter 😦