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Charles Barkley X Ferguson

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Listen….

“cops are actually awesome. And they’re the only things in the ghetto between this place being the wild, wild west and so this notion that cops are out there just killing black men is ridiculous. day. ..”

I just..I cant even do it today.

Someone tell this man to stick to basketball and being a good ol negro and have several seats. WTFUCK man?





Killa Cam

Killa Cam is now selling face masks for prevention of Ebola for a mere $19.99 custom with his iconic pink fur pic.


Ebola isnt spread through the air but okay, now have several.




Look at these cupcakes….

Listen here, if my child bought home a vagina cupcake from school many questions would be asked and someone might be getting fired. While I get that the mom was trying to educate and inform others about the female body…I dont think second graders need to know anything about “how to please it”. And she wished for the teacher to marry someone who beats her every night! Um, mam!…

Who ever baked these actually did a great job, the pigment  on the fondant , icing and sprinkles is dope

Who ever baked these actually did a great job, the pigment on the fondant , icing and sprinkles is dope

Not I Said The Cat

American Apparel Leslie Pump Canvas Shoe. im sorry, im not paying $75 for a pair of shoes that i could probably snatch up somewhere in a thrift store for no more than $3.

hot mess



no words

i dont even..i cant…

and what length is her weave?


so if you havent heard, the latest issue of Dutch magazine Jackie, decided that the best title and description to give Rhianna was *drum roll please*…N***AB***H…in case you need some clarity, that would be NIGGABITCH…oh yes, they did that. not only did they do that but they also hinted at the fact that she is that of a loose woman (“whats on can come off”), that she is a “ghetto-ass“, and is also Jamaican,which is news to me. while i could care less about Rhianna’s sexual activities…N***aB***H, is just, not okay. AT ALL. NEVER. i almost wanted to burst out laughing and then, to read that the title was meant as a joke, i stopped laughing and here is why:

1. Rhianna for one is from Barbados, i know all black people regardless of shade, cultural/ethnic background, accent, etc, we are all the same and from the same place correct, (just like Africa is one big, one-dimensional monolithic continent, but that is another conversation for another day) so why fact check that info?

2. the title, i can not. nothing is ever funny about degrading a woman by calling her a bitch and more importantly nothing is ever, EVER, EVVVVERRR FUNNY about calling a black person a nigga. it’s never okay.  im sure someone said “well they say it?” and “its with the a at the end so its okay” and the infamous “hey, one of my best friends is black, im not a racist for this” (if i had a dollar for every time i heard that in college)umm, actually you are,pull the invisible white pointy hood off your head and realize what you are.  while some may believe that since its 2011 and Obama is president that we live in a post racism world, where racial injustices do not exist…well this is proof that is does, it’s everywhere and im sad to say that is exists heavily in the two industries that i love the most; fashion and journalism.

3. so what makes it even better is, the editor in chief Eva Hoeke, in her sad attempt at an apology stated that somehow magically, though it was not meant to be offensive or racist, the title of NIGGABITCH, “slipped” through her hands. *blank stare* how clueless can you be? no, you’re not clueless you knew exactly what you (and your staff) were doing. being that one of my undergrad degrees was in journalism, magazine journalism at that, Ms.Hoeke, you are a big fat liar, dont insult my intelligence and further insult the intelligence of millions of black women (including Rhianna who went off on her Twitter) around the world and especially black women in your country who read your damn magazine by using the cop-out of “opps it slipped”. sorry mam, im not one is actually. before a magazine is published it goes through several hands, editors, fact checkers, assistants, writers, layout and design departments, i mean please look at how many people are listed on a masthead and that sometimes doesn’t even include all staff, further more when you plan your year in advance, there is mass in-depth discussion about what will be placed in each issue, so this is something that was discussed, was decided a good idea and no it was a FAIL. EPIC FAIL.

Jackie Magazine and Eva Hoeke, your seats are right this way

ps. the EIC of Jackie Magazine has now resigned, bye bye blackhead!