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Flashback Friday: Elvira Mistress Of The Dark

1Its October! And now begins my favorite time of year!!! I love holiday season and since becoming a mother I love it even more now.

Yeap I am one of those moms…holiday themed craft Saturday afternoons… searching the web for hours and hours just for holiday themed toddler “stuff”…cupcakes just because and this year me & mini me are planning our first Halloween Masquerade Bash!!!! (Details to follow!)



Anyone who knows me, knows I love anything Elvira related. I will watch Elvira Mistress Of The Dark in July. And I don’t even care. Its that serious.


For your enjoyment:



fill the well..


and this is something im still working on…



Yo Gabba Gabba X Birthday Cakes

my daughter is turning 2 in July, although its a few months away and i promised myself to not go crazy again and obsess over EVERY- LITTLE- D-E-T-A-I-L… i just cant help here we go!

the theme this year for Princess Cuppycake Zazas birthday is!!!!!!!!!!

*drum roll please*…..YO GABBA GABBA


Jilly From Philly

Ebony Magazine April 2013



inside a toddlers brain

everything about this is my child…just replace Elmo with Yo Gabba Gabba. lol

toddler brain


this is my daughter. she is a diva. and loves to wear tutus….just because she can


Summer Love