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Lip X Cuff

Look here….this is how you break the internet.

With class.


This picture is just everything, so much so I had to post it again, by itself!!!!


The hair, the makeup, bold lip, the cuffs, the natural nails, the cape, the cream color…she looks like a Kemetic Goddess and I am here for alofdat.


Image by Rog Walker


“And God said , you win”- K.Add

I have nothing!



Screen-Shot-2014-11-16-at-4.09.53-PM Solange-Knowles-by-Rog-Walker-700x479 Solange-Knowles-Wedding-Portrait-Stephen-Rolland-Gown-700x1048 Tina-Knowles 1 Image by Rog Walker

Wedding Inspired


Wedding Cakes X Bridal Expo

i completely forgot i had some pics from the bridal expo i attended a few weeks ago… wasn’t the best bridal show i attended, but it was still fun…i think i was too busy running around getting business cards and pricing information…my mom was def more excited than i was, lol


white caketux cakeblue ish cake


found via

how cute it the “I Love You Too” backdrop??? i wonder if i could pull off making that.



all the pretty things


Countdown to June 2014

you and i…