Charles Barkley X Ferguson

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Listen….

“cops are actually awesome. And they’re the only things in the ghetto between this place being the wild, wild west and so this notion that cops are out there just killing black men is ridiculous. day. ..”

I just..I cant even do it today.

Someone tell this man to stick to basketball and being a good ol negro and have several seats. WTFUCK man?





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Lip X Cuff

Look here….this is how you break the internet.

With class.


This picture is just everything, so much so I had to post it again, by itself!!!!


The hair, the makeup, bold lip, the cuffs, the natural nails, the cape, the cream color…she looks like a Kemetic Goddess and I am here for alofdat.


Image by Rog Walker

“And God said , you win”- K.Add

I have nothing!



Screen-Shot-2014-11-16-at-4.09.53-PM Solange-Knowles-by-Rog-Walker-700x479 Solange-Knowles-Wedding-Portrait-Stephen-Rolland-Gown-700x1048 Tina-Knowles 1 Image by Rog Walker


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There will be no pictures…