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The Terms as according to Lola B. Kimberly

this is an excerpt from my bestie.

THE TERMS…in reference to dating and relationships and all the gray in between

as she says fuck the rules!

Ladies, let’s not bind ourselves by rules.  Let’s hold our counterparts up to a standard by setting up terms that satisfy YOU

1. Friends first…I mean this sincerely.  I would much rather be your best friend who becomes your love than to be a lover who attempts to become your friend.  I value loyalty and friendship, they are important to me.

2. Impress me… I’m done compiling sob stories about lackluster men. I risk sounding vain here(I don’t really care), but I really am an exceptional woman; the proverbial apple at the top of the tree (if you don’t get the reference stay far away from me). I CAN’T WAIT to share all my benefits with someone special.–superhyped, right?  Trust me, as much as I want “Him”to be “The Man”, I want to be “The Woman.” No problem fulfilling traditional roles here.

3. Be available…If you’ve got a girlfriend, if you’re not looking for anything past shallow physical attraction, or if you KNOW that you are not ever looking for anything REAL in the near future, I don’t want to waste my time trying to get to know you.

4. I am open to dating all types, but if you are a white man “with lots of cash to blow who’s just here for the weekend who wants a good time,” or who “wants to take a walk in the jungle”(real quotations people) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO “TAME” ME.

–Lola B. Kimberly


First Date Etiquette

1. Not at your or my residence

2. No pressure to drop drawers

3. Somewhere that will leave me raving about you and how interesting you are.

4. I’m the lady here, you should have the plan to sweep me off my feet! . Don’t ask me what we should do when we meet up. I am ready to follow your lead in all aspects.

5. Legal

what say you? do you have any terms?


side note: in trying to find a picture on google, after typing “Black Love”…i found this picture..steamy right! we will talk about my “black love” google findings later


the things you do

this is the only red cafe song i like and of course it has my friends in my head Nina Sky on it…who i love and still follow their music (yea, they are still around)

something about this song, makes me smile. it came out on ’07 and still makes me smile when i hear it.


here are some of Nina Sky’s more recent work:



The Bucket List for 2012

well the first month of the new year and if your like me, your bs new years resolution never happened. you didn’t mean it that way…this year was the year! you were going to do it!…*sigh* dont feel bad, i did it too. hence why from now one i will not calling it new years resolutions, from now on it shall be called The Bucket List. every year(since forever) ive had a habit of saying THIS YEAR IM GOING TO [fill in the blank] AND [fill in the blank] AND LOOSE [fill in the blank] more pounds. ugh, yeah no.

The Bucket List 2012;

1. loose 10-15lbs: i have to be serious this time. ive shed most of the post-pregnancy weight but these last 10-15lbs will not come off. could it be because i do not excercise? eat like im still pregnant? cook with too much butter?hay yall!*paula deen voice* drink too much soda? yup all of the above. and all of the above will change.

2. return to my creative self: i used to love to paint, sculpt, paint sneakers/heels, draw, write, sing ALL THE TIME(even though 90%of the time was secretly) and i miss that side of myself.

3. take more style risks:

a.during my pregnancy i relied heavily on leggings and jeggings. it was all that could fit my ever-expanding belly and it was comfortable..and 6 months after giving birth…im still wearing leggings. ive stopped with the jeggings,lol. i guess i was so used to reaching for leggings it became somewhat of a comfort blanket for me, and because i am not the size i am used to/comfortable with i still reach for my leggings. but don’t fret, im coming out of my leggings shell, this week i only wore leggings in the house.

b. explore more colors, textures, patterns and silhouettes

c. buy a pair of smoking slippers, a year or so ago, i would say “ew disgusting they are man-ish” but now, i like the blurred lines between masculine and feminine, especially in this style of shoe. i live it actually

4. take a vacation.i havent taken a vacation since…well…never


what say you?

NoshNosh!: Christmas Leftovers…Pizza Lamb Popperthingamijigs

im late, i know, ive been under a rock since christmas eve, due to my daughter being sick in the hospital (she’s feeling way better now)…next to labor/delivery, taking my baby girl to the hospital was one of the hardest things ive ever had to do,i cried like a wimp.

but anyhoo, this is a quick little dish i came up with fumbling around in the fridge a few days after christmas. when i was little i used to make up all sorts of dishes ( like the first time i made peanut butter cookies when i was 6, and everyone pretended to like them, even though they were hard as concrete) usually out of boredom and watching one too many cooking shows on channel 21. i was really tired of eating the same thing, going on for 3 days after Christmas lol, so hence Pizza Lamb Popperthingamijigs. why is that the name you ask? i dunno, i couldn’t come up with anything else. but they are delicious.

enjoy :p


ingredients needed:

– 2 1/2 cups of flour, half a stick of butter, 2 eggs

– pizza sauce (or any spaghetti sauce will do)

– mild cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese (shredded and cut into cubes)

– onions, scallions

– 3 slices of cooked bacon, left over Christmas lamb

– basil, garlic, parsley, pepper to taste


1. mix flour, butter and eggs together. use your hands, it will work better and faster. add in basil, parsley, garlic, and a dash of pepper.

2. chop your onions, scallions, cheeses and already cooked lamb and bacon.

3. using a tablespoon on oil, place your lamb, scallions into a frying pan on medium heat. add in your onions last, reduce heat, allowing onions to “sweat out” (this means they will be cooked, still soft, almost but not burned)

4. assemble your poppers: initially i was aiming for a roll or log of some sort, but i just made an almost open-faced dumpling shape, use whatever shape works best for you.  when assembling be sure to place your sauce down first then add-on your heavier ingredients, fill and top with cheeses and uncooked scallions

5. bake for 30 to 40 minutes at 350

6. NoshNosh!