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NYE…Resolutions vs Reflections




“..just poured libation for the ancestors on this night of Kujichagulia (Self-Determination.) In many ways, it’s true — we get/have what we’ve accepted. What have you determined is good enough for you? Have you cultivated low expectations that allow you to accept any ol’ thang? Time to think again…determine that you deserve the best…decide what that is…and go get it…#nothingless…”


this awesome quote is from one of my friends on Facebook. Holds very true. As the hours wind down to the end of this year, ive been reflecting on all of my highs and lows.  ive decided this year and probably until forever that i wont hold my self to a “New Years Resolution” instead ive decided to sit back and have my reflections. and here they are


self reflections from 2012:

1. “just do it”: last year i published my blog, and though i have my blog just for the sake of writing and expressing my thoughts no matter how many or how little people read any of this, i did something that i always wanted to. that was 2011. in late 2012 i finally launched my own business. my very own online bakery! 2013: im going  i say that to say whatever it is that you want to do…JUST DO IT. stop talking about what you want to do, could have done or should have done and just do it.

2. “my body might never be the same but im still fly”: this was difficult to finally understand this past year. my body has changed ALOT since i had my daughter which was about a year and a half ago. things that sat up right and proper dont quite sit up like they used to. lol. i have stretch marks and i swear my breasts are sagging (my fiance says there not but i beg to differ). it has been very difficult dealing with my new body, i never thought id have such a hard time adjusting but i think im just about over it. instead of focusing on “getting that old thang back”, i may never get back to my old size and that is okay… im going to focus on being healthy, living healthier and taking better care of my health. so whether im at my old size or new post baby size, IM STILL FLY. and what!

3. “stay faithful”: one of my favorite tattoos that i have ( i have a total of six) is on my inner right arm and it says “Have Faith”. no matter what your religious belief or even if you do not have a religious belief, i think its important to always have faith…faith in something, be it a goal, a vision..a loved one or a higher power. if there is one thing i have learned this past year is, when shit got real and shit got hectic, having faith and keeping faith makes the troubled roads seems alittle easier.

4. “stress less, smile more, love harder” 

happy new year everyone! stay safe and fly ❤


DSquared2 Pre Fall 2013

so elegant, classy, sophisticated and lady-like. im here for ALL OF THIS



Lena In The Kitchen

Lena Horne Demonstrating Fuel Conservation

“Im a maker, your creator”

*le sigh* Electrik Red, where art thou?


Throwback Friday!: Gangsta Boo



translation: where is the money that you currently have? and may i have some/all of it?